Monday, 18 April 2011


What are Monday mornings like for you? Do you hate getting out of bed after a heavy weekend? Or had a long lie in on Sunday and want another on Monday? Do you loathe the monday morning commute in all that tarffic? Get to work to a pile of things to do? And Friday seems so far away?

Well for us, Mondays are great! We get into the office and get working with property offers that have either come in over the weekend or with potential buyers who can't wait to put their offers forward. By 9.30am the first few offers are in off the phone. Emails are checked and contact and negotiation is already underway! There always plenty of queries through the internet from the weekend. Facebook comments, twitter tweets, comments on our you tube channel and questions through our webpage. Always a busy start to the week.

Now that we are into the spring season and the sun is peeping through the clouds, the gardens are getting a bit of colour and the property viewers are out in abundance. Its a busy time again for us at Roberts, Edwards & Worrall.

So Monday sets us up for the week! The initial offers are dealt with, the rental application forms are getting processed, and now its time to get on the phones and get matching more viewers with our latest new properties to rent and sell.

Hows your Monday mornings?

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