Friday, 20 June 2014

Top 1,000 Independent Estate and Letting Agents - we are 55th!!!

Roberts, Edwards & Worrall are proud to say we are now 55th in the Top 1,000 Independent Estate and Letting Agents as provided by EAUKNetworking. A magnificent team effort by all the guys! Well done!!

Monday, 16 June 2014

City Of Liverpool could benefit from £6m Football boost

Liverpool city centre is in line for a £6 million boost to its economy when Liverpool Football Club competes in the Champions League during the 2013/14 season, according to industry experts.

Speaking in the latest Move Commercial lunch debate covering the impact of Champions League football on tourism, the economy and regeneration in Liverpool, Kieran Maguire of the Football Industry Group at Liverpool University, says: “The minimum benefit is around £6m in terms of the extra spend during group stage games. The people who will benefit are the people who struggle in midweek – taxis, restaurants, bars and hotels.”

Everton has qualified for the Europa League tournament and with foreign fans expected to spend an average of £700 per visit to the city, and debate participant Bill Addy, chief executive of the Liverpool BID Company, says both clubs competing will be a “tremendous boost to the city”.
The Move Commercial lunch debate, which took place at 60 Hope Street and also included co-owner Colin Manning, also focuses on the impact of European football on Manchester’s regeneration in recent years and the lessons Liverpool can learn from projects such as Hotel Football near to Old Trafford.
For more expert insight and the latest commercial property and business news, features and analysis, pick up a copy of Move Commercial in selected offices, hotels and restaurants across the North West or view it online now.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Repeat Business

Like many companies we love repeat business. Customers who come back and use our services again. Every week we have someone tell us their Gran bought a house off us many years ago, or mum and dad sold a house through you in the 60s! Well today we had some repeat business. We went to a house to discuss the property market and give expert advice on the property we were at, only to find that the owners had bought the property from us 45 years ago! They remember it well and have decided to come back to us all these years later.....Theres repeat business for you! 

One of our marketing newspaper from July 1987

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Zoopla v Rightmove

Well look out Rightmove, Zoopla are at your heels and could even be ahead of you in the Property Portal League table. A few short years ago, Rightmove was king and Zoopla and a host of other so called property portals were the 'also rans'. Rightmove made the most of their position on their perch and put a lot of their clients noses 'out of joint' by, many would say 'over a barrel' tactic with their pricing model. As a Rightmove fan I think they have been a major factor in moving the property industry forward especially with use of technology. So well done Rightmove.
But watch out. Zoopla have joined you at the top of the league. Its cost a lot but I reckon they are there with Rightmove! Alex Chesterman, their leading light, has taken them up. Through a series of acquisitions, plenty of investment, IT development and strategic marketing, Zoopla's offering and lead has made them one the fastest growing companies around and certainly a leader in the property industry. Now they are going public! They have launched an IPO (Initial Public offering) selling shares in the company. Even smarter they are offering shares to their clients at a 20% discount. A nice move by Alex and his people. I guess the majority of their clients are also Righmove clients too - I bet a large percentage prefer Zoopla over Rightmove!  
Watch out both though......Agents Mutual is nibbling at the portal market watch this space as the story unfolds!

See our properties at  Rightmove  and Zoopla

Friday, 6 June 2014

What a day its been!

After the great news we had this morning telling us we were the 67th best in the top 1000 Estate agents, we've had 3 thank you cards and flowers from very happy clients. Well done Sandra for going the extra mile as usual!

We are the 67th best Independent Estate agent in the UK (Top 1,000 Power League)

Here at Roberts Edwards & Worrall we are so excited at being 67th in the league table!!!!!

Top 1,000 Independent Estate and Letting Agents

 Independent Estate & Letting Agents Top 1,000 Power League - Social Media influence

by EAUKNetworking

Even though we are 150 years old, using good old fashioned customer service - our new ideas and proactive marketing push us above the rest!!! Well done team!!! So proud.

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Land Registry info

Some interesting information from the Land Registry regarding proeprty transactions Nov to Feb;

Transactions Nov 12 to Feb 13 = 52,331 Nov 13 to Feb 14 = 72,080
The number of properties sold in England & Wales for over £1 million increased by 65% from 507 to 836
Repossession volumes averaged 1,063 per month compared to 1,453 (Nov 13 to Feb 14)