Monday, 9 May 2011

Private Landlords Beware

Well today I've been to court to get an order to evict a non paying tenant.

As a letting agent it is so important to have a strong process and a legal team behind you that covers your landlords when you have to take posession of a property that the tenant decides to live in and not pay rent or vacate when they should.

The eviction process through the courts can be straight forward, as long as the correct prcedures are completed and correct documentation provided. But do private landlords understand the laws covering property and tenants? As we all know, the rental market is booming, there are many new private landlords out there.

Eviction of bad tenants can be costly, not only the legal costs but also the loss of potential rental income.

I cannot emphasise enough to a new landlord, if they decide to manage their properties, they need to make sure they undertsand the legalilties, have an eviction process in place and seek support of a legal team. If they are uncomfortable or concerned then make sure that they use a letting agent to fully manage their property or portfolio. Take care to check your agent has a process and legal backup.

Here at Roberts, Edwards & Worrall we have a proven procedure and the backup of legal support. As one of our landlords you get FREE landlords rent guarantees and £25,000 worth of FREE legal support - so much piece of mind for our landlords.

Today in court it took 10mins to get an eviction order plus costs plus an order to pay arrears. Simple.

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