Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Zoopla v Rightmove

Well look out Rightmove, Zoopla are at your heels and could even be ahead of you in the Property Portal League table. A few short years ago, Rightmove was king and Zoopla and a host of other so called property portals were the 'also rans'. Rightmove made the most of their position on their perch and put a lot of their clients noses 'out of joint' by, many would say 'over a barrel' tactic with their pricing model. As a Rightmove fan I think they have been a major factor in moving the property industry forward especially with use of technology. So well done Rightmove.
But watch out. Zoopla have joined you at the top of the league. Its cost a lot but I reckon they are there with Rightmove! Alex Chesterman, their leading light, has taken them up. Through a series of acquisitions, plenty of investment, IT development and strategic marketing, Zoopla's offering and lead has made them one the fastest growing companies around and certainly a leader in the property industry. Now they are going public! They have launched an IPO (Initial Public offering) selling shares in the company. Even smarter they are offering shares to their clients at a 20% discount. A nice move by Alex and his people. I guess the majority of their clients are also Righmove clients too - I bet a large percentage prefer Zoopla over Rightmove!  
Watch out both though......Agents Mutual is nibbling at the portal market watch this space as the story unfolds!

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